Located at 210 Liberty St SE #150, Capitol City Theater is in the the heart of downtown Salem.

We proudly serve a wide variety of local craft beers, domestic brews, local wines, hard ciders, sodas, and snacks. Take a look at our full menu here.

Zeus became known as the Greek god of improvisation after he came up with Athena off the top of his head. Years later Athena became the goddess of comedians after writing a stand up set about her issues being raised in such a dramatic family. Many, many years later a comedy club was opened in the capital of Oregon. Coincidence? No. Fate? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely.

Capitol City Theater is run by a multi-faceted LLC based out of Salem, OR. The first component is a comedy club that features stand up comedy and improvisational comedy. Secondly, it provides a training center that locates, trains and presents local talent. The third is a remote performance service that provides fine entertainment for groups locally and regionally. Lastly it is a corporate training unit that covers everything from group building techniques to performance enhancing seminars.

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